Progress With The Big Push – Fundraising

A few weeks ago we made contact with Rick Kirkpatrick who runs the Provincial body for darts in New Brunswick, and told him about the plan we had for helping groups raise funds.

Since our Facebook button campaign has been such a success in relative terms – 2,500 members to date; small, but hey, there are only so many Canadian dart players around – we approached him with an interesting win-win-win proposition.

We suggested we send him 100 custom buttons with the words “NB Darts” at the bottom and he make them available to players in his province at various shoots, league events and tournaments.

He took us up on the offer and took them to the 2010 edition of the Saint John Summer Classic.

Heck, what a success! Nearly everyone who attended wore a button, and in their first event alone they almost doubled their purchase price and still have buttons left to sell!

Everybody wins in this situation: the provincial body, The Big Push, and even the players.

It truly is a Win-Win-Win program.

Whether players who made the suggested donation of a toonie or more for a button realized it or not, they are helping themselves as well.

Our quiet goal is to increase the number of people playing darts in this country -at all levels – and do some really big things for darts.

Working with provincial bodies, leagues, and even legions, service clubs and venues, is a great way to do this.

If you’re a decision-maker of any group that would like to participate in our fund raising program, be sure to give us an e-mail by clicking here.

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