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I talk about the progress we’re having in promoting darts in canada

Dart Players Wanted Posters – Some Results

We’ve been getting word back from across the country that our modest Dart Players Wanted posters are starting to yield results. Last night we got word from Robert Savoy of the York Region Dart League (YRDL) in Aurora, Ontario who … Continue reading

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NODA Supports The Cause

I had a long Facebook chat with Preston Noonan, an executive from NODA (Northern Ontario Darts Association) the other day, and he thought the idea of using Big Push For Darts in Canada buttons was a no-brainer. We’re sending 50 … Continue reading

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Finding Leagues and Teams For Players

Phase 2 of our movement is to connect players with leagues and teams. We created an online survey that asks players who want to play to give us some basic information about themselves so we can pair them up with … Continue reading

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The Big Push – It Has Legs

Well, congrats to all of us as we’ve hit our 2,500th Facebook member – and it’s still summer! Wow. All of you please take a bow. This has been the first really truly viral darts movement in Canada. What I … Continue reading

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Working with Official Bodies

We’ve been contacting provincial bodies to let them know that custom Big Push buttons can be used as a great fund raising idea. We’ve made some progress, and… Continue reading

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Our First Test Succeeds – Fundraising in New Brunswick

A few weeks ago we made contact with Rick Kirkpatrick who runs the Provincial body for darts in New Brunswick, and told him about the plan we had for helping groups raise funds. Since our Facebook button campaign has been … Continue reading

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